Monday, 1 September 2014

Years go by without us even noticing...

I have been terribly bad at keeping up my blog. I have been trying with a WordPress blog which I exported this all onto at some point, but I seem to have managed to delete that one entirely and so I have decided to start again.
I will keep this site open though until such time as I can export the content over to my WordPress blog.
Here is the URL for my new blog :

WARNING! My first blog post on the new WordPress site is NOT for the faint-hearted.

I have been trying for almost two years to write a letter to the father of my child saying all the things I need to get off my chest about the breakdown of our relationship. I still haven't managed to get that right, but over the past three days I have been preoccupied with something else, someone else I need to write to, so today I finally got around to writing to her.

I have decided that the only hope I have of really getting my blog working properly is to set up a schedule and blog according to a set of times and plan ahead for posts as I go. I am working on what is feasible for me given my life and what I have on my plate with work and other commitments.

For now suffice it to say I am hoping I will get around to another blog post this week, but I do expect some setbacks and problems with getting into the routine of doing it regularly.

If any of you who write blogs have any useful suggestions please feel free to send me advice, comments and everything you might want to add.
And yes Mum, I will try to put more photos in too.

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