Friday, 13 June 2008

Evangeline is two weeks old now

I can't believe another week has rushed by and Evangeline is now two weeks old.
She remains a joy to both her father and I.
Today we (Granny, Evangeline and me) went to have her little plaster casts redone. I can't believe she is already on her third set of casts. That makes her almost half way through the first part of the process to fix her club feet.
I am still feeling well, albeit a little tired. I am trying to sleep when and as often as I can get the opportunity, but there is so much work to do when you have a little baby in the home.
The dishes and bottle washing alone is quite a task. I am wondering how long it will be before the skin on my hands starts to flake off like Evangeline's plaster casts do after their soaking.
Henrik has offered to do the dishes this weekend to give my hands a break.
I am so lucky to have someone as supportive and helpful as him on this journey of parenthood with me.
Today we had a treat. He came home early from work so had a little extra time to spend with his favourite girls as he calls Evangeline and me. We enjoyed the hugs and kisses and attention.
This Sunday is Father's Day and I have organised a little something for him from his new born daughter.
I hope he likes it.

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Motherhood is a steep learning curve

I can't believe that tomorrow my little baby girl will be one week old.
She was born by c-section on Friday, May 30, 2008, weighing in at 3.2kg.
She was due to be born yesterday, May the 4th, but my blood pressure elevated and my doctor decided it would be better to have her come a little early.
She had some irregular breathing when she was born so was put into the NICU initially overnight, but ended up staying there until yesterday when we finally got given the go head to take her home.
Last night was the best night and the worst night I have ever experienced. It was my first night with my little girl at home with me, but I was exhausted by the early hours of this morning when i still hadn't slept a wink.
She was very niggly and cried a fair amount which was unlike her as we had some to know her at the ICU when visiting her there. I tried changing her, feeding her, holding her, giving her a dummy, making shushing noises close to her ears, everything I could think of. She did seem to settle a little when I put her down to lie on her daddy's sleeping chest, but I still lay awake worrying that she might fall off or he might crush her accidentally by turning over or something. My new mother's mind was overactive in all the things I was thinking of that might go wrong with her. I didn't know if I should swaddle her tightly or allow her some movement. I started to doubt everything I thought I knew and what I didn't know became all the more apparent to me the more tired I got.
Eventually after her 5 am feed Henrik woke and said he felt I should really get soem sleep. He had been having some sleep, broken sleep, but sleep none the less, so he took her into the lounge and told me to get some sleep.
I managed to get about 3 hours of rest. I woke up feeling like a new Eve, much calmer and happier.
Henrik worked out a few things which were helpful to us. Firstly, Evangeline hates having cold hands and her little hands had been getting rather chilly in the night air. So we are having to make sure they are snugly tucked away under lots of blankets for warmth.
Secondly, the seems to dislike the dark a little, preferring it if there is a little light. This might be due to the fact that in the NICU there was light all the time so she is used to that. I am trying to organise a little night light which we will be able to leave on for her.
Thirdly she likes a little sound to cut through the quiet, also probably becasue she is used to there being a little noise around after her days in the NICU.
She seems to like music and so Henrik used the headphones and i tunes on my computer to play her some soft music into the carry cot she was sleeping in.
With these things in place she seemed a much happier little baby.
Another thing I was doign wrong was that I was reacting to every little moan or cry and not allowing her to settle herself a little. I have noticed today that she seems to give off a little groan from time to time and it doesn't necessarily mean that she is distressed.
So much to learn and so little time to learn it all in, but on the other hand I have nothing but time.... I'm sure to make some mistakes, but I guess I can only hope that on the balance I learn more and do more to make her happy the longer I know her.
As my friend Christine said, she is from me, but is apart from me and is really a little stranger that I am having to get to know like any other.