Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Dark Days and Nights

Now that the load shedding has stopped we thought out problems with electricity were ended for a while. Not so.
On Monday afternoon, on arriving home with my folks, Vera and Rachel, after a hectic shopping trip, we found the gates to our place not working properly. On investigation I found that the electricity had been cut off resulting in the gates being stuck on a loop as the battery ran down.
What a problem.
When I got into the house I found a note from the municipality saying that the power had been cut off due to the property being vacant.
My heart sank. With just over two weeks to go before Evangeline is born, and so much to do, I really didn't need that complication in my life.
I felt awful, couldn't even make coffee for the weary shoppers.
Today after two days of darkness and bumbling around in the night the power was finally switched back on.
It seems there was a mix up of some sort between the old tenants, the owner of the property and the new tenant. No one had given the correct information to the new guy so he was just as shocked by the situation as we were.
We pay for our power and water as part of our rent every month and so far have still not received a copy of our lease which was promised to us almost three years ago so we couldn't even go an have it reconnected ourselves.
I'm just glad that it is alright now, but the whole affair has left me feeling a little shell shocked. Henrik and I might find ourselves having to find somewhere else to stay rather sooner than we planned. With a little one life will be harder and we will not be able to just grin and bear it when these types of things happen. The owner of the property says she wants us to pay a huge amount of extra rental and while we have been expecting to have an annual increase the amount she is talking about is way beyond what we will be prepared to pay, especially when considering the sate of the place. The roof leaks, the water supply is intermittent at best, and there are all sorts of other little things which we have been promised would be sorted but haven't been up till now.
Quite a stress, but I am trying not to let it get to me.

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

A day at the beach with Aunty Bee

Today Mum and I met at Aunty Bee's place and took her to the Bluff so that she could have a walk on the beach. We had a lot of fun trying to collect seawater for her and not get too wet by the waves.
Aunty Bee almost fell over in the water when the wind whipped her fragile form. She got quite a fright and had to sit down and have a sweet to recover from the shock.
I enjoyed the water on my swollen feet. We went to a shopping centre to have a drink and draw some money and did a little grocety shopping.
I must say that the Bluff has both changed and stayed exactly the same.
The shopping centre was an amazing change. It has grown like a well nurtured mushroom and has more than its fair share of shops now so that people living on the Bluff probably feel they never have to go to Durban anymore to do their shopping.
We only went to the one shopping centre, and there are two, so one can imagine how much choice the local people have now.

Monday, 12 May 2008

First day of my "new job"

Today I begin my new job. Yesterday was my last day at work at the shop and today I begin on the long list of things to get done before Evangeline arrives.
I feel a little strange not getting ready to go into the shop and know I will miss my co-workers, but I am so excited about finally being able to get started on my "nest building" that I'm sure the day will fly by.
Henrik and the rats are a little worried about what me being home means to them. Both are looking a little warily at me as I make my lists of things to throw out. Henrik has made me promise not to throw anything out without consulting him first.... he wants "right of inspection" of the black bags I plan to line up for disposal. I have grudgingly agreed to this even though I'd rather just chuck things without having to go through everything twice, but I guess it does make sense to have a plan to prevent me from going a little crazy in my enthusiasm.
Today I tackle the kitchen, washing and bathrooms, I also hope to make a start on the bedroom, but I fear all that needs to be done there will take a day of its own.
I have my last visit with the Prof (my specialist psychiatrist) before Evangeline's birth this morning, so my day will be broken into two halves. I am confident she will be pleased with how I am coping as I have had a good run of mood stability during this pregnancy so far. Henrik is coming along so that she can give him information about things to watch out for after the birth. Apparently it is not uncommon for bipolar mothers to have bad episodes of depression following the birth of their babies. For that reason I will have to go and see the Prof within two weeks of Evangeline's arrival.
Apparently the statistics for hospitalisation during pregnancy of bipolar women is very low, it seems that something in the pregnancy often helps with mood stability, but the statistics for hospitalisation for an episode following the birth is very high.
I will in all probability have to remain off my Lithium after the birth as I want to breastfeed and Lithium is passed into the breast milk, so far I have been fine without the Lithium and I am praying I continue to do well.