Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Dark Days and Nights

The load shedding schedules have been put in place to confuse me. I am convinced of this. They seem to follow no discernable pattern, leaving me at their mercy dazed and confused and reluctant to start anything for fear that I will lose all my work when the lights go out.
We were load shed twice last night. The lights went out at 6pm and only came on again at about 8:20. onlyt to go out again at 8:30. Bleakness all round. We couldn't even watch an episode of Lost. And the washing we were doing was just abandoned.
I have had to revise some of my plans for after Evangeline's birth because of the power outages. For instance I have decided to go the liquid sterilising route for her bottles and dummies etc. as I don't want to have to rely on the power being on to use the microwave.After the bleak and dark night last night. Henrik had a spot of difficulty this morning when he bashed the car into a tree reversing out of the driveway.
I heard the crash and got a huge fright as I thought maybe he had drivedn into the chain across the driveway. When I looked outside I saw the wall was still intact so I was relieved but my relief was short lived when I went and saw how he had bashed the front fender. Needless to say he was rather upset with himself. I felt terrible for him.
On top of all this irritation my car has been giving me trouble. Doesn't want to start some days for no reason. I took my battery back to the place where I bought it for them to check it. They said there is nothing wrong with the battery, it must be something mechanical and they told me to "get my mechanic to look at it."
Fortunately I have a mechanic on call all the time as Henrik is my mechanic. He checked everything and then took the old battery out of his polo and put it in nugget. Worked like a bomb, although that battery is old and giving notice. So now I have to go back and fight with them at Supa Quick.
I dread this.