Friday, 29 February 2008

A hopeful beginning

Today I have decided to begin my blog.
Seeing my mother keeping hers so up to date has shamed me into making a decision to do something instead of just watching life go by without comment.
I have begun counting the days until my little one arrives, and so I plan to keep a record of these last days of care free living. All this is sure to change once Evangeline arrives and ushers me into the newest aspect of my life: Life as a mother.
I'm sure in years to come it will be beneficial to have a record of the thoughts and events leading up to her arrival in this world.
Who knows? She might cherish having a chance to look into my life later when she is older.
She has started to really kick much harder now and I am almost constantly aware of her presence.
I have begun singing to her as much as I am able, often just humming the tune when I forget the words to some of my favourite songs. This helps to calm me in high stress situations like traffic which is also beneficial as a stressed Eve is not good for Evangeline.
Next week is my niece Rachel's first birthday. I can't believe she is turning one.
It feels like just the other day that I took a day off work to spend with my folks at the hospital where Vera was having her by C section.
The hour between when Vera went into the theater and Rachel came out in the little crib with Bradley and the nurse seemed like forever. She was so small and puffy. It's so hard to reconcile the memory of her then with the little girl she has grown into who is walking around her home now.
I have ordered her gift from Henrik and I.
It is two giant clam shells and sea sand so that she can have a little sand pit to play in at home. Henrik and I are going to pick it up tomorrow and drop it off at the house so that Bradley and Vera can give it to her on her actual birthday on Thursday the 6th.
I have also bought a small bucket and spade set which I have wrapped in preparation for her party on the Saturday. I'm sure she will enjoy her gift.